Remove your jewels when exercising, showering or bathing, keep them at a safe distance from perfumes or cosmetics. Store them properly and they will stay shiny for a long time.

Do not use harsh chemicals or oils on your jewelry.

There are several aspects on why tarnishing occurs over time due to the nature of the metal. For example one of the factors might be the acidity of your skin, the way your jewelry has been looked after or what it has been in contact with.

  • If you have a known allergy to brass, please be aware when purchasing our gold- plated and gold filled brass jewelry. Gold filled has an outer layer of 5-10% of 18k gold over brass but it still contains brass as a base metal.
  • All of our pieces are nickel and lead free.

The PH of your skin may react to metal jewelry. Even high quality metal jewelry can sometimes leave a green tint on your skin when the metal reacts with the acidity of your skin. It can also be caused by other substances on your skin, such as lotion, oils or perfumes. Luckily, this is completely harmless. An easy way to remove this is to apply makeup remover to a cotton pad and gently wipe down the affected area on your skin.

When handling each piece always ensure your hands are dry clean and free from any residue.